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Stefan Zeugner

The Regional Dimension of European Framework Programme Research Collaboration - A Gravity Approach

Diploma Thesis with the Department of Mathematics & Statistics
In Cooperation with Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien - Vienna University of Economics & Business March 2005

Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr.h.c. Dr. Peter Hackl
Supervisor from the part of ARCS: Dr. Thomas Roediger-Schluga


This diploma thesis investigates research collaboration under the 4th European Framework Programme among European Union regions: The central piece of data is a matrix of agglomerate collaborative links between 68 "NUTS-1" regions during 1994-1998. After a literature review and descriptive analysis, the matrix is estimated in an exploratory manner, along the guidelines of the gravity model concept. The main findings are that a region's involvement into Framework Programme collaboration depends positively on its number of research personnel, but also on its relative importance on the national level. Ceteris paribus, two regions' bilateral collaboration intensity is decreased by dissimilarities in research sector structure, but increased by 10% if both regions belong to the Romanic-language area. Several regions are fundamentally under-represented in the Framework Programme (in particular Eastern German regions) or collaborate more than is to be expected (e.g. Athens).